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Our Goals:

To Teach

To Participate

To Learn

To Share

To Improve

To Grow

Join the Rappahannock Garden Club, September  through June at Noon on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Grace Episcopal Church in Kilmarnock, Va



   Art Created by Emeritus Member, Lella Lee Edwards

Join us and enjoy trips to beautiful gardens, attend holiday workshops, learn from professional floral designers and horticulturists, meet other women who share your love of gardening, and learn how to preserve our world through smart gardening and conservation practices.

Share your love of gardening and discover the many rewards of joining the Rappahannock Garden Club!  The Rappahannock Garden Club is a member of National Garden Clubs.  Members grow our world and green our communities.  The Rappahannock Garden Club promotes community beautification, encourages the improvement of roadsides and parks, and aides in the protection and conservation of natural resources.  We do more than just green your thumb.  We connect you with people, plants and programs that provide inspiration, information and valuable resources.
If you'd like to join us, send an email to


Rappahannock Garden Club Creed:


I shall plant my garden in the soil, sun-warmed and mellowed

Like a kindly soul who lives for others, giving much toil and substance,

That all may reach their goals.

I shall plant my garden where the world may see its beauty

So that it may cheer a weary soul and revive in her song of joy

Proud members of National Garden Clubs, South Atlantic Garden Region Clubs Inc., and Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs - Piedmont District, Inc.

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