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Garden Dirt -- President's Corner

September 10 was a remarkable day in the history of Rappahannock Garden Club. Not only did we have an incredible flower show, we held an extremely successful barbecue luncheon, ”Country Fair” market and raffle ticket fundraiser to boot! I marvel that our members pulled this huge event together in an almost effortless manner. Not too many garden clubs can say that. I am so proud of what our club accomplished that day and I sincerely thank all of you for “stretching yourselves, branching out, stepping to the plate, expanding your knowledge base and trying something different. ” Bravo and job well done!

You will not want to miss our October meeting. Two local chefs will be cooking for us and tantalizing our taste buds with their culinary delights with an emphasis on herbs. In a different twist, “our program will be lunch” so please come prepared to sit back and relax and enjoy a nice lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. You will be served and you will be pampered. This meeting would be a particularly good opportunity to invite guests and prospective members. There will be a nominal charge of $5 for guests; no charge to members. I encourage you to think of someone who might want to come to this nice affair and invite them to come. If you plan to invite someone, please let Judy Ripley know as soon as possible so that we can pass on this information to our two chefs for planning purposes.

Following our “lunch/program,” we will have a business meeting with two very important subjects. First, you will be asked to nominate club members for the Most Valuable Gardener Award. Please give this careful consideration before coming to the meeting. Second, the new slate of officers will be announced. In November, you will be asked to vote on this slate.

These are exciting times for our club. Again, I want to thank everyone who helped, even in a small way, to make the September 10 event possible. It takes a village!

See you in October. — Cathie Elliott

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