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Garden Dirt -- President's Corner

I just got back from the Outer Banks where we spent close to nine glorious days on the

oceanfront at south Nags Head. Watching and listening to the waves crashing into the shore promotes within me a contemplative spirit. A time of reflection and revelation of sorts. We enjoyed many days of sunny and comfortable fall weather conditions. Warm sand and water. But alas, our last three days were on the brisk side, as evidenced by the breathtakingly cold but beautiful sky in the picture above.

Not to be deterred, I donned several layers of clothing (which I likened to the ―Michelin man) and

ventured out to Hatteras Island to go shelling, my favorite pastime. To my delight, I found starfish, scallops and a myriad of other wonderful creations of nature. And so it goes this time of year, a few warm days, a few chilly days, all the while Mother Nature is preparing and easing us into winter.

At our November meeting, we will be preparing for winter as well. Aaron Ward, owner of Wilton Cottage in Hartfield (and now owner of a new storefront on Main Street in Gloucester) will dazzle us with festive tablescapes and designs. This program is sure to inspire you in preparation for the holidays.

There will be NO Horticulture or Food Garden exhibits for the November meeting. Rather, in celebration of our upcoming festivities in November and December, club members are asked to create and bring an American Traditional Centerpiece. Class I of the schedule, page 41 in your Yearbook, is entitled ―Decorating for the Holidays. Try your hand at a traditional centerpiece. Exhibits are limited to one design per member. Unlike past years, this is not a workshop. Create a design at home and enter it in November. I am looking forward to seeing Aaron Ward’s amazing creations. Invite a friend to this very worthwhile program.

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